hello. hi. howdy. let me tell you about myself.

I'm Ashley and I am a bad ass wedding and portrait photographer. I live in Norman, Oklahoma but I am DTT (down to travel, y'all).


  • DIYer.

  • wanderluster.

  • adventurer.

  • socially anxious extrovert.

  • ENFP.

  • dinosaur enthusiast.

  • feminist.

  • LGBTQ.

  • plant mom.

  • coffee lover.

  • light chaser.

  • hippie.

  • dreamer.

  • believer.

  • music maker.

  • cat lady.

  • foodie.


I love glitter, neutral colored clothing, changing my hair every month or so, a good road trip, and cold, snuggly fall nights by a fireplace. With a sweater. Also a warm beverage. And like, mood lighting and maybe some poetry. I love to build things and I’m also obsessed with nail polish. 

You can usually find me playing my ukulele, singing Taylor Swift at the top of my lungs (JUDGE ME!), drinking a Starbucks while aimlessly wandering around Target, or watching van conversion videos on Youtube for hours on end. Got a van for sale? I will trade for wedding photography and I'm not joking. 

I do my dishes by hand; I find it therapeutic and relaxing. 

I prefer to travel alone so people with small bladders don't mess with my jive.

I spend a lot of my time wishing that I was in the mountains in Colorado or somewhere where it’s crisp and cool every morning. When I see fall colors or feel cold weather, I get so nostalgic my chest drops a little bit. Is that relatable at all or just a weird ism?

I’m a bitter, but hopeless romantic at heart and I like to spread kindness like wildfire.


Wanna read more about my approach to shooting weddings? ..and maybe get a little teary eyed?

Here are some photos of my face:

And a nice thing someone said about me:

My husband and I have made a friend for life in Ashley Porton. Her professionalism and skillset truly sets her apart from the crowd. Her service was timely, efficient, and greatly exceeded our expectations. She made everyone in our family and wedding party feel at ease. Not only does she have a great eye for photography, but she is also a great creative director as well.

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If you made it this far, you've earned yourself a free engagement session*, just because I like you. Aww.

*wedding package add on only, which means you must book your wedding with APP,  I'm not givin' away free stuff all willy-nilly now.