okc senior session

Lauren | Oklahoma Bible Academy | Enid Senior Photographer

I was saving this gorgeous session for some fall inspiration for you seniors. Lauren and I met at one of my favorite locations in Norman, right near my house. The sycamores and Sweetgum trees were bright yellow and orange and their reflection on the water was marvelous. Lauren attended Oklahoma Bible Academy in Enid (she's now graduated and off to college next month!) and she is just so sweet and absolutely one of the most photogenic people I've ever met. Lauren also has a very compassionate and altruistic soul, she founded the nonprofit Foster Feet a few years ago to help foster children. Have I mentioned how much I love my seniors?

Hair and Makeup by Britani Batchelder

Alyson | Washington High School | Oklahoma Senior Photographer

Alyson was one of my senior spokesmodels for the 2017 school year! She is such a sweet soul and is fabulous in front of the camera. We went out to one of my favorite parks right around the corner from my house and had a blast tromping through the crunchy leaves and enjoying the gorgeous sunlight! 

Hair and Makeup by Britani Batchelder

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Ashley | The University of Oklahoma Senior Session | Graham High School | Texas Senior Photographer

This sweet girl came all the way from Texas to see me this Spring. Her only request was flowers, so we headed over to The University of Oklahoma, which is typically always in bloom, to find some pretty blooms to shoot with. Well, for once in my shooting career, there were about a total of one or two bushes with very few flowers on the entire campus. Hmph. Thankfully, there were still beautiful trees and lots of lovely light, and of course, Ashley is just drop dead gorgeous. 

Hair and Makeup by Britani Batchelder

Kyler | Leedey High School Senior Photographer

Kyler's senior session was so much fun! We got to explore some new shooting locations on this warm fall day and run through willow trees in the cool breeze. Kyler is such a sweetheart and a cutie, to boot. Her fashion sense is on point and those blue eyes will hypnotize. <3

Hair and Makeup by Britani Batchelder

Mollie 2017 | Deer Creek High School | Oklahoma Senior Photographer

Mollie contacted back in February about doing her senior photos (no, that is definitely not too early to get scheduled). Mollie is absolutely the sweetest and I was beyond stoked to see her head full of curls; she basically has my dream hair. I also have a weakness for my seniors that bring along their adorable animals and Mollie brought her furbaby, Haven, who also had a blast on her shoot. I absolutely adore this session and can't get over how photogenic this girl is. My favorite part of Mollie's shoot was when she wore her grandmother's wedding dress for a few shots at the end. *heart eyes*

Hair and Makeup by Britani

JordAnne | Moore High School Senior | Oklahoma Senior Photographer

This is JordAnne. She is beautiful and fabulous and sweet and amazing and all of the good things rolled into one. Oh, and she did her own hair and makeup.