These two things will make your headshots look professional and unique AF.


If you’re a human person, you’ve probably seen another human person’s headshots and you’ve also probably judged them. I do it literally every day. Studios that specialize in taking headshots are still doing a mediocre job and I’m tired of it and frankly bored. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

A lot of my clients are concerned that their headshots are going to look contrived and not organic and I am here today to tell you that, when you book your headshots with ME, that will not be the case.


Well, because I’m good at my job, bruh. ;)

But I digress, here’s my very short list:

1.) First thing’s first: Get your hair and makeup done professionally. I know, it’s a big cost and could you just do it yourself? Well, maybe. Are you good at hair and makeup? Most of us are ok, but you need to be like… GOOD. It makes such a huge difference.

OK, but this one - this is the big one.

2.) Find a photographer who can make you laugh. That’s it. A real smile is going to make you look so much more inviting and friendly than that fake bullshit we do with our faces when we’re uncomfortable. You know what I mean?

I give you my word I will act like a complete idiot and tell you stories that are weird and obnoxious just to give you the greatest headshots of your life. I might even fall. Who knows!

smile 2.jpg
Smile Difference 1.jpg

Now then, what are you waiting for?