You guys might hate me for this.

A few weeks ago I was trying to set up some spring mini sessions. I was stressed and couldn’t find the time, but knew people were asking for them so I kept trying to fit it into my schedule.

Then something in my brain clicked and I said to myself: Ashley, you don’t have to offer mini sessions. You’ve never liked them and you don’t have to keep forcing yourself to do something you don’t enjoy.

So there, I said it:

Im quitting mini sessions! Why?

1. They’re too short. I feel like they are a disservice to myself and my clients. I always end up shooting too much because I know the best photos happen at the end of the shoot - when you’re finally comfortable - and I always over deliver to the point that I’ve basically given a full shoot for the price of a fraction of one. Anyone who has booked with me knows this is the case. I’m too generous. Plus, if you have kids that don’t like photos - I’m going to be chasing them for the majority of the session - and 15 minutes will not cut it.

2. I don’t like cutesy, kitschy setups. I like that other people do them. I like to look at them, but I don’t like making them or shooting them. I like simple portraits with simple background and simple setups. And most of the time, people looking for “mini sessions” are not looking for this.

3. Lastly, I don’t like the idea of “mini sessions.” I don’t even like to say that phrase - it angers me to no end. I cannot count the number of times that people have begged me for mini sessions/discounted sessions/half sessions, so then I spend a ton of time trying to set them up and advertise them and then NO ONE books them. It’s exhausting.

”But, Ashley,” you say, “I can’t afford a full session, what can I do?”

Super easy solution, y’all:

Instructions for getting amazing photos:

1. Contact me now to book your session.
2. Pay your deposit ($225) & book your session date.
3. Pay your balance a week before your session.
4. Show up to your session and let me do the rest.

Photos take a bit of planning, that’s just that. Want photos in the Fall? Fall is busy - get with me now. I promise, a full session is WORTH IT.