McKenzie | OUHSC College of Nursing | Oklahoma Senior Photographer

If you haven't noticed yet, some big changes have taken place around the website. Go ahead, take a look around, I'll wait. 

Yes, you're right in your observations, everything is all senior-y now. I've been thinking long and hard for months, and I finally bit the bullet and made the decision to focus on senior photography. I love it, I adore it, I love the crap out of my seniors and I just couldn't wait any longer to take this big step. I will still be shooting the occasional wedding, especially if you're a past client or a referral. 

Any who, enough about all of my stuff, and now go look at these bomb-ass photos of my favorite cousin McKenzie who is graduating from nursing school this year. I swear she just graduated high school like three days ago and now she's already a professional doing all of these adulty things. Oh WHERE does the time go?! I was a little bit nervous because she has the hair of five people so we were a bit short on time so we just ran around Norman looking for neat places to shoot, but I am SO glad we did because I found some real gems and I'm pretty sure I'll be using them a few more times this week. So without further ado, here is McKenzie.

Hair and Makeup by Britani Williamson