Referral Contest Winners!

For the last 2 weeks, if you've been keeping up with the facebook page, you know we've been having a contest for a free photoshoot! The winner will receive a free photo sesion, second place will receive 50% off of their session fee and third place will receive 25% off of their session fee!

If you've been counting with me, you probably already know who the winners are already, two people were in the lead the entire time! So, without further ado, the winners are:

First place: Rachel Hays with 131 referrals/votes.

Second place: Alyssa Willie with 91 referrals/votes.

Third place: Lydia Anderson with 68 referrals/votes.

Congratulations, you guys! Please contact me at if you decide to book your session and let me know when you want it to be.

**Remember, I'm still offering 15% off of senior sessions if you book before September 1st. This doesn't mean your actual shoot date has to be before September 1st, I just have to have you booked and on my calendar before that date! :)**