Cora + Justin Armstrong | Hillside Manor Wedding | Oklahoma Wedding Photographer

A month ago, these two weirdos got married! Now before you’re all like, “Ashley, you can’t just call your clients weirdos,” know this: weirdo is probably the highest compliment I will ever give a person. Plus, life and love are just a little bit (lot a bit) weird, wouldn’t you agree?

“We're all a little weird. And life is a little weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutually satisfying weirdness—and call it love—true love.” Robert Fulghum

Theirs was one of those weddings where I sort of fall in love with the idea of love all over again. Seeing them together makes you feel something otherworldly: magic and stardust and all those feelings you get when you read a really great poem about love and forever. And their first dance, y’all, I might have gotten teary eyed a few times (and for the first time in my life, wished I knew anything about videography). When the wedding reception begins with salsa lessons, you know it’s gonna be a fun night.

Ready to hire your photographer for YOUR big day? Get in touch! But first, check out some highlights from Cora & Justin’s absolutely magical wedding day below.

You guys might hate me for this.

A few weeks ago I was trying to set up some spring mini sessions. I was stressed and couldn’t find the time, but knew people were asking for them so I kept trying to fit it into my schedule.

Then something in my brain clicked and I said to myself: Ashley, you don’t have to offer mini sessions. You’ve never liked them and you don’t have to keep forcing yourself to do something you don’t enjoy.

So there, I said it:

Im quitting mini sessions! Why?

1. They’re too short. I feel like they are a disservice to myself and my clients. I always end up shooting too much because I know the best photos happen at the end of the shoot - when you’re finally comfortable - and I always over deliver to the point that I’ve basically given a full shoot for the price of a fraction of one. Anyone who has booked with me knows this is the case. I’m too generous. Plus, if you have kids that don’t like photos - I’m going to be chasing them for the majority of the session - and 15 minutes will not cut it.

2. I don’t like cutesy, kitschy setups. I like that other people do them. I like to look at them, but I don’t like making them or shooting them. I like simple portraits with simple background and simple setups. And most of the time, people looking for “mini sessions” are not looking for this.

3. Lastly, I don’t like the idea of “mini sessions.” I don’t even like to say that phrase - it angers me to no end. I cannot count the number of times that people have begged me for mini sessions/discounted sessions/half sessions, so then I spend a ton of time trying to set them up and advertise them and then NO ONE books them. It’s exhausting.

”But, Ashley,” you say, “I can’t afford a full session, what can I do?”

Super easy solution, y’all:

Instructions for getting amazing photos:

1. Contact me now to book your session.
2. Pay your deposit ($225) & book your session date.
3. Pay your balance a week before your session.
4. Show up to your session and let me do the rest.

Photos take a bit of planning, that’s just that. Want photos in the Fall? Fall is busy - get with me now. I promise, a full session is WORTH IT.

Ok fine - you need to take a photo of yourself.

So, you need a photo of yourself and there’s absolutely no way you can hire a professional.

Here are some dos and don’ts:

DON’T take photos in shitty lighting.
Don’t try to take your photos when it’s dark.
DO NOT use a normal orangey light in your house to light your face. GTFO with that.


I took this first photo with my back to the window, why? I don’t know. Because I see people doing that shit all the time. (ok - If you have a “big camera” this will work with a certain look, but no with your phone).

So, what did I do? I turned around and faced the window - slightly diagonally, and BAM, immediately better. Pair that with a neutral background, and you’ve got an almost decent looking photo of yourself that could definitely be used for..something. An ID? A passport maybe?

Also, let’s talk angles.

Please don’t do this:


But, Ashley, why do you think someone would do something that looks so crazy?!

Well, because again, I see people do this shit all the time. (TINDER BOYS I SEE YOU).
Use an angle that is slightly above you or straight on. Don’t tuck your chin too much and don’t lift it too much.

And if you are lucky enough to snag one, get another human person to take your photo for you so your arm isn’t doing that selfie thing. Or use the new fancy schmancy portrait mode on the new iPhones.


Thank you for coming to my TED talk.


…but you also need a professional headshots so…

Thomas | OKC Boudoir Photographer


This is my wonderful, kind, beautiful friend Thomas. No, Thomas cannot play the ukulele. Sorry, Thomas.

We shot his boudoir session back in January and it was an absolute blast. It’s not often I get to photograph someone in a bubble bath, especially a male person, so when he was on board with my idea, I was pretty stoked.

Ok, blah blah, boring description of this shoot over…. keep reading!

I have a question for you guys. Every time I have shown or posted one of these photos (below👇🏻), I get more than a few people who giggle, or say that the photos are funny, or that it made them laugh. My question to you is, why?

These photos are obviously not meant to be comedic (although I have seen male boudoir that is but I feel like it’s obvious when that’s the case), and I’m going to make an assumption here and say that if this were a female identifying person, you would not find these funny at all. Right?

I think these photos are beautiful and rival my most sexy lady boudoir. So, can we discuss? Is it an uncomfortable laugh people are having? Is it that we have trouble with embracing that men can be sexy, too? What do you think? I’m legitimately curious.

And while you’re thinking on it, enjoy these photos of Thomas. We had a lot of fun with these.

These two things will make your headshots look professional and unique AF.


If you’re a human person, you’ve probably seen another human person’s headshots and you’ve also probably judged them. I do it literally every day. Studios that specialize in taking headshots are still doing a mediocre job and I’m tired of it and frankly bored. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

A lot of my clients are concerned that their headshots are going to look contrived and not organic and I am here today to tell you that, when you book your headshots with ME, that will not be the case.


Well, because I’m good at my job, bruh. ;)

But I digress, here’s my very short list:

1.) First thing’s first: Get your hair and makeup done professionally. I know, it’s a big cost and could you just do it yourself? Well, maybe. Are you good at hair and makeup? Most of us are ok, but you need to be like… GOOD. It makes such a huge difference.

OK, but this one - this is the big one.

2.) Find a photographer who can make you laugh. That’s it. A real smile is going to make you look so much more inviting and friendly than that fake bullshit we do with our faces when we’re uncomfortable. You know what I mean?

I give you my word I will act like a complete idiot and tell you stories that are weird and obnoxious just to give you the greatest headshots of your life. I might even fall. Who knows!

smile 2.jpg
Smile Difference 1.jpg

Now then, what are you waiting for?

Morgan & Micah | The Pointe Wedding | Oklahoma Wedding Photographer

Around six years ago, I shot one of my very first weddings. Kaylie was my one of my best childhood friends. (ahem.. note trendy, matte, vsco edit)


Last year, Kaylie’s sister, Morgan got engaged. Cue Ashley creeper mode. I may have stalked her Facebook until she finally contacted me about her wedding photos. Kaylie and Morgan’s family are near and dear to my heart and I was so excited not only to get to capture this special event for them, but to also be there to celebrate with them, too.

Morgan and Micah said their I dos at The Pointe in McAlester and the day could not have been more perfect. Sometimes things don’t go exactly how you had planned, and sometimes that’s just perfectly great. It rained. It was cold. I got a little lost and was a tiny bit late. And I lost Morgan’s wedding band for a good 45 minutes. (It was fine, it fell into the box of flowers). At the end of the night, these two were married and celebrated with their closest friends and family and there were tears and emotions and joy and happiness and it was glorious (and upon Morgan’s request: keep all the weird faces). <3

DJ Connections
Florist - Bloom House (McAlester)
Decor Rentals - D'z Rentals (McAlester)
Hair & Makeup - Taylor Mauk (Malorie Avaline Salon OKC)
Cake - The Small Bite (OKC)
Dresses - David's Bridal
Shoes - Sam Edelman
Jewelry - Kendra Scott
Suits - Men's Warehouse

Rylee & Taylor | Quartz Mountain Wedding | Oklahoma Weddings

Rylee and Taylor’s wedding was a big ol’ surprise for me. I hadn’t met them before their big day and I had no idea where this place called Quartz Mountain was or what it looked like. While Kelsi and I were driving up that morning, the entire place was covered in fog, so I didn’t really get a good look at the landscape until the fog cleared, and boy was I pleasantly surprised.

The biggest surprise of the day, though, was how absolutely smitten I became with Rylee & Taylor. I don’t know that Rylee ever stopped smiling all day long, and the way Taylor looks at that girl is just heart melting. Everything about this day was just absolutely perfect, the weather, the company, the location, all of it. Now, enjoy the photos. :)

Bailey & Luke | Thunderbird Chapel Wedding Photographer

Bailey & Luke exchanged vows at Thunderbird Chapel in Norman right at the beginning of fall. Bailey is pretty special because she was actually a senior client of mine basically one hundred or so years ago and I just feel like all of my senior babies are growing up and I can’t even handle it. The day was cool and overcast and it was the perfect backdrop to their fall color pallet. And y’all. Y’ALL. Bailey’s dress had POCKETS. Now adore them. :)

Christiona + Zac | Clauren Ridge Wedding | Edmond Wedding Photographer

Most of you guys know I’m a newly single gal; so, sometimes I’m pretty bitter about love. Then I photograph weddings like these and I bawl like a baby and realize that yes, I am a hopeless romantic after all.

Venue - Clauren Ridge Winery
Dress- Nordstrom
Shoes- Keds
Popcorn bar- Gourmet Popcorn
Cake- Butter Cake Bakery
Food- Hideaway Pizza
Tux- Menswearhouse

Holly & Ezra | Wildwood Wedding | Oklahoma Wedding Photographer

I’m not sure I’ve enjoyed a wedding more than I have this one. I honestly wasn’t quite ready to go home when I was off the clock and would have totally stayed to party with these AMAZING people if I hadn’t have been cranky and tired. These two were so excited to get married. Their friends were so excited for them to be married. Everyone was just so happy that Holly & Ezra were getting married. I might have maybe shed a tear or two but don’t tell anyone because I’m a bitter single lady in her thirties right now.