Let’s be real, it’s not every day you’ve got a paparazzi of cameras following you around all day while asking you to make out with your boo thang over and over.

Worry not! I’ve got you covered, girl.

You’ve been on an endless search to find a photographer that you jive with, someone that can capture all those heart melty moments, all while making you feel absolutely comfortable posing like the perfect blushing bride (or groom!) you are.

Your tearful groom (😭), your sassy flower girl (💁), that guy who got too drunk at the reception and decided he should do the worm(🕺), I saw it and I took that photo (and I explained to those groomsmen how to fold a pocket square and pin a boutonniere). Relax and enjoy your day. I got you


Hello, let me be awkward behind the camera so you won’t feel awkward in front of it.

(Catchy tagline, am I right?😜)

PSST, keep reading for the good stuff



Wanna know a secret?

Taking photos is not my passion.

Whaaattt?! Ashley, you can’t just say you don’t like taking photos.

I did it. I said the thing.

I don’t like standing on my feet for eight hours.
I don’t like how my hands start aching just hours in.
I don’t like that my back hurts for weeks after a long wedding day.


You know what I do love?

I love when I see your grandma’s eyes light up as she walks into your bridal suite and sees you in your dress. I love knowing that I get to give that moment back to you, because you might not have even noticed. You were busy and nervous and honestly, everything was a blur.

I love it when I see that tiny little tear in the corner of your groom’s eye that you didn’t see because your vision was already clouded by the hundreds of tears you were already crying.


I love glancing over and seeing your momma crying while watching you dance with your dad to that song he used to sing you when you were little. She won’t think she looks very good in that photo, and she probably won’t want you to show anyone, but you’ll look at it every so often and feel so thankful that she was there with you.


I love watching all of the groomsmen and your groom get ready, because this is probably the only time in their lives when they’ll bond over helping each other get dressed. They’ll straighten each other’s ties and help each other fold pocket squares. I can’t even with that. 😍


..and I love celebrating with you. I love seeing your closest friends and family filled with so much joy. For you.


But mostly, I love getting home, immediately pulling up your photos, finding my favorite one, making it look magical, and then sharing it with the world because I know how excited you are to see one.

My passion: it’s giving these moments back to you.

Because these are the moments that made you.

And here are some words from my brilliant, amazing, lovely, wonderful clients. <3

wedding ideas ashley porton.jpg

I couldn’t have asked for more.

It rained on my wedding day. Hard. It was supposed to be an outdoor ceremony, so we had to make several adjustments. Ashley knew exactly what to do to get the most beautiful shots that I didn’t think were possible because of the weather. She captured so many special moments, not just with my husband and I, but of our families and guests. Her photos are so very special to our entire family. I’ve gotten SO MANY compliments on our photos, with some saying they were the best photos they had ever seen. I couldn’t agree more! She doesn’t airbrush or photoshop to the point where it looks like a magazine cover, and I believe that’s what really sets her apart from other photographers. She is so, unapologetically authentic. She’s also so much fun! We are so blown away at her talent, professionalism, and laid back personality. Ashley is such a gem and unique person. She was more than our photographer. She was our (and everyone else’s!) friend throughout the entire process. She will always have my highest recommendation for all of your photography needs and will most definitely have our business for years to come. Bottom line: She is the best there is in Oklahoma.
Morgan | October 13, 2018


She is seriously amazing!

She is super helpful and so much fun! She gets along with everyone and is very professional. Not only will she give you your dream wedding pictures but she will also throw in new ideas that you might not have thought of. If you’re stressed about finding a great photographer, hire Ashley! You definitely won’t be disappointed. 💕

Rylee | September 29, 2018


Amazing photographer

Just to clarify - I'm a photographer too, so I know more than a little about this stuff. We hired Ashley for two reasons, her excellent eye for capturing emotion, and her personality which is how she get's those amazing photos. She's able to make the entire group feel at ease and relaxed, and in turn forget that she's even there. And that's when the magic happens. If you're looking for a photographer, take the word of this photographer, hire her!
Jim | November 3, 2018


ashley is amazing!

From the moment we met her to the day of our wedding, she was professional, down to earth, and passionate about her work. We were hesitant to do an engagement shoot, and she gave us a lot of options that would meet our needs and work with our style and personalities. We never felt uncomfortable, or too posed in any of our shoots. Ashley was all about taking natural shots, and capturing real moments. We are so thrilled with our choice to have Ashley shoot our engagement photos, bridal shoot, and wedding. We will definitely recommend her to anyone needing a photographer, and we hope to use her again in the future! Both of our families also spoke very highly of her, and enjoyed working with her as well. Thank you, Ashley!!

Tenia | September 6, 2015

stop shopping around and book with Ashley RIGHT AWAY!

To anyone who may be considering hiring Ashley Porton Photography, stop shopping around and book with Ashley RIGHT AWAY! She's super helpful during planning (helped us determine the best time for our ceremony) and very thoughtful about the shots she gets (she's a fantastic candid photographer and got all of our must have pictures). She even adjusted her package and shot our rehearsal dinner since we didn't want a bridal session. Ashley is flexible and highly communicative. We are thrilled to hang her art in our home. Thank you for capturing our special day!

Amanda | September 5, 2015

greatly exceeded our expectations

My husband and I have made a friend for life in Ashley Porton. Her professionalism and skillset truly sets her apart from the crowd. Her service was timely, efficient, and greatly exceeded our expectations. She made everyone in our family and wedding party feel at ease. Not only does she have a great eye for photography, but she is also a great creative director as well.

Lance | May 30, 2015

I would recommend Ashley anytime and every time.

Ashley was just downright amazing and one of the best parts of the planning and wedding experience. She was super helpful, on time, and flexible and it made all of the difference. She did both my engagement and wedding photos and I fell in love with both. For my engagement session is rained, but instead of postponing we went out and she took some jaw dropping pictures. More impressive were my wedding photos, we had an outdoor wedding, but instead of being cool like it should on a late October evening it was over 80 degrees. Myself and my entire party were hot, sweaty, and miserable. I was terrified that would come across in my pictures, but Ashely made us all look simply radiant. I would recommend Ashley anytime and every time.

Kathryne | October 20, 2014

Oklahoma Wedding Photographer www.ashleyporton.com

We have NO doubt we picked the right photographer to capture our memories!

We LOVED working with Ashley. She was accepting of our goofy personalities and also sensitive to our photographic interests. She's got great creative visions and does an excellent job editing photos. They look as professional as magazine photos. We have NO doubt we picked the right photographer to capture our memories!

She is also flexible- we are waiting to do bridals in March due to some scheduling venue issues... She had no problem and I can't wait to see how they turn out!

She was on the ball at our smaller wedding and got all the pictures we requested.

I recommend her to everyone!

-Nicole | October 4, 2014

I can't recommend her highly enough!

Ashley filled in last second (literally the day of) for my wedding when my photographer cancelled. All I can say is that I wish we'd been with Ashley from the very beginning! Despite not knowing each other beforehand, I was comfortable around her the second she got to the hotel to photograph my bridal party, and she worked magic with the camera all night long. Our photos came out beautifully and I can't recommend her highly enough! I know the next time we need a photographer we will DEFINITELY be calling her!

Kelly | June 1, 2013