Are you available on my date?
Please contact me to see if I'm available on your wedding date!

How do I hire you?
For weddings, I need a signed contract and a paid non-refundable retainer to reserve your date. For portraits, your session fee needs to be paid in full to reserve your date.

My final payment was different than the original price. What's up?
The state of Oklahoma requires that photographers pay sales tax on all services and products. It's a bummer, I know.

Do you accept payment plans?
Absolutely! I require only the retainer fee & contract to book your date, after that you may pay off the remainder of your balance however you like, as long as it's paid one month before your wedding date.

We're not very photogenic, will our pictures still look good? How will you pose us so we don't look too awkward?
If I had a nickel for every time I've heard this - I could fill my daughter's piggy bank! I promise you if you just act like yourselves, your photos will reflect you perfectly! I will pose you in a way that you and your sweetie can relax and interact so that your photos will look nothing less than natural. If anything ever feels too uncomfortable, let me know and we can change it.

My reception will be really dark, are you able to photograph this?
Yep! I have fast lenses and lights that I will set up and I guarantee everything will look awesome!

How many final photos can I expect to end up with?
For a regular session, you can usually expect to end up with 50-80 images to view and choose from. For weddings, depending on the size and length of the wedding, you can expect anywhere from 40-80 images per hour. Most clients end up with a total of around 400-600 final images.

Do you give a copyright release if I buy digital files?
I do not release the copyrights to my images but I do give complete personal printing rights to my clients. This is usually called a print release.

What is your turnaround time?
Depending on the season, turnaround time for a regular session is usually 1-2 weeks. After your images are complete, you will have an ordering session and then whatever you order will usually be ready for pickup no more than a week later. For weddings, turnaround time is usually anywhere from 6-8 weeks after the event date.

How long does a session last?
A regular portrait session or senior session will last anywhere from one to two hours.

I'm not having a wedding and I'm not a senior, will you still photograph me?
Absolutely! Weddings and seniors are my specialty, but I would love to shoot your family or special event, too! If I'm unavailable, I can recommend some great photographers to you.

How do you get that blurry background?
The blurry background isn't something I do later, that's something I do in camera with long lenses and a high aperture creating a shallow depth of field.

Have another question? Ask me!