I'm Ashley Porton and I am a wedding photographer and boutique senior portrait photographer in the Norman and OKC metro.


  • I have an unhealthy obsession with black and white stripes and mustard yellow.
  • I will probably use too many exclamation points when we email and text because I get overly excited about pretty much everything.
  • I will also probably make weird jokes.
  • I love all things pretty so throw some glitter and twinkle lights my way and I'm a happy camper. Also GOLD.

Getting married? Recently engaged?

I live in the Norman area but I photograph weddings all over Oklahoma and travel worldwide!
If you are starting your sentence with "Are you willing to travel to...." the answer is YES. No wedding is too far away.

If your wedding is traditional, unique, trendy, vintage or modern, I'm totally there.

High school seniors:

I want to hear from you too! Senior year is one of the most exciting times in your life and I want to be there to capture it for you.

We'll spend the day pampering you with hair and makeup and then we'll pack up all of your favorite outfits, super cute accessories, shoes and jewelry and take lots of pictures of just you being you--only fancier. ;) Because everyone likes to be a little bit fancy sometimes. 

More things about me:

  • I love to talk to make up for how shy I actually am. Sometimes I forget to shut up. Feel free to interrupt me. 
  • I am an only child. See previous bullet point.
  • Growing up, the one thing I wanted to do when I "grew up" was to become a singer/songwriter. Still, for me, the best way to relieve stress is to get in the car and sing as loud as I can.
  • I have dueling personalities: OMG KATE SPADE and SAVE THE TREES and peace and love, SPARKLES.
  • I am all over the place most days.
  • I grew up in Broken Bow, Oklahoma, moved to the "big" city of Norman for college, moved into an apartment, adopted a couple of cats, started a business, got married, had some babies and now here I am.
  • I love craft beer.
  • I am trying to stop eating ice cream before bed.
  • Give me all the food. I love food. Food is basically the highlight of my day. Do you like food? Let's go get food together.
  • SUSHI. See previous bullet point.
  • Coffee. Coffee really should have been first. 
  • I really, really love what I do. 

So, that's me in a nutshell, actually in bullet points. I can be a little bit different (and socially awkward and strange), but we're all a little different. Let's grab a cup of coffee together and talk about what makes YOU different so I can give to you pictures that perfectly reflect you.